Choosing the Right Hanging Fireplace Design

The fireplace is a warmth factor and a natural focal point. It doesn’t matter if the fireplace is lit or not, eyes get drawn naturally towards it.

An inbuilt or double-sided fireplace

  • Mantle on fireplaces has been replaced with floating hearths, which sit under the unit.
  • Modern gas fireplaces don’t need heat barriers because of smart flue technology.
  • Floating hearth is available in timber, concrete or marble material, which sits below the unit and extends towards the ceiling.
  • No heat barrier means a TV can be safely installed above the unit.

Another choice is a hanging fireplace.

  • It is a functional artistic and sculpted masterwork, which heats the space.
  • Ceiling mounted pods can be hung in the bedrooms, kitchen or study rooms.
  • You can choose a suspended fireplace model operating on gas or wood as fuel.

Choosing the Right Hanging Fireplace Design

Tips to clean wood-burning fireplace

  • Wood-burning fireplaces need to be regularly cleaned to prevent the spread of toxic fumes or smoke, especially when they are used heavily.
  • Remove ashes, after a couple of days for better burning.
  • Clean the firebox after 4 weeks and regularly inspect for soot. If smoke fills the room, there will be a strong odor in the air or the fire will burn slowly.
  • Every year clean the flue pipe and stove box thoroughly.
  • Wear old clothes and hand gloves, while cleaning. On the floor spread newspaper.
  • The stove has to be cool before you remove the ash.
  • Check the vent for debris or tar-like substance.

Clean the glass with paper towel and cleaning solvent.